NetApp on NetApp

TL;DR | CloudOne Operating Model (Pt. 10)

In part ten of this 11-part series, IT Sr. Director of Platform, Cloud, and Infrastructure Services Michael J. Morris shares lessons learned from NetApp IT’s experience building the CloudOne hybrid multicloud platform. Learn the importance of building a continuous operating model and how to achieve it.

About the Speaker

As the Senior Director for Platform, Cloud & Infrastructure Services, Mike leads NetApp IT’s hybrid cloud strategy―orchestrated and managed by an automation ecosystem―to create a holistic environment for cloud-aware enterprise applications.

NetApp on NetApp TL;DR Videos

The NetApp on NetApp program aims to address a customer’s need to quickly access and understand IT solutions and best practices when implementing NetApp technologies. As part of that effort, our team has created short-form videos to supplement more detailed assets that customers may look at and say, “too long; didn’t read.”

The information in this presentation is proprietary to NetApp, though intended for external audiences. All rights reserved.