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WEBINAR | NetApp IT’s Spot Use Case

NetApp IT’s goal in the cloud, like many IT shops, was to develop and deploy software without hardware constraints, service business applications on-demand, and downsize data center footprint. Along with those capabilities, the team was well aware of the barriers they’d face adopting public cloud infrastructure–including cost. NetApp IT sought a solution that would displace the costs of traditional data centers, ensure minimal to no interruption of service, and involve limited resources for operational efficiency and staffing. The team started working with Spot to help lower cloud costs and experienced no impact to application performance and availability.

In this NetApp on NetApp INFORM Session, Domain Architect Tirou Chidambaram will discuss what does, how IT was pivotal in the evaluation process for the product, and the real world results we have seen from implementing Spot.

About the Speaker

Tirou Chidambaram has played a key role in deploying and maintaining VMware virtualization platform in NetApp IT for more than a decade. Of late, he has transitioned to cloud. He evaluated and lead the deployment of in NetApp IT. Currently he is working on migrating workloads running on OnDemand Instances in AWS to Spot Instances. He is also working on migrating applications from on-prem to cloud adopting spot instances leveraging

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This webinar demonstrates how the NetApp IT team uses its own NetApp products to simplify, automate, and/or cloudify their IT operations. The information in this presentation is proprietary to NetApp, though intended for external audiences. All rights reserved.

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